The Strong-armed States of America



Somebody needs to sit our court system down for a stern talking to.  Apparently, gay marriage is no longer a state-by-state issue, according to SIX attorneys general who have said that they will refuse to defend their respective states’ amendments involving gay marriage.  Can someone please explain to me why the hell these people were elected if it wasn’t to represent the wishes of the people of their state?  And to make matters worse, our statist “justices” would rather re-write our constitution (and how it is applied) than uphold it.  I think we’re forgetting the purpose of federalism here…

I understand that most people don’t have an interest in learning about the intricacies of a constitutional republic like ours.  Its not easy to grasp, and extremely overwhelming once you realize how far our country already is from what it was created to be. However the sad truth is that with an ideology as aggressive and deceitful as the progressive movement, it’s nearly impossible to have a dialogue about issues like this with those who refuse to educate themselves.  So please, for those who will come after us (and my sanity), please understand that unless we as a people decide to start bringing our country back to the kind of freedom that it once allowed, we will continue to lose our voices to those who squeal the loudest.

Not To Be Taken Lightly


I saw this picture a few days ago on social media.  Honestly, when I saw the headline along with the picture, my first thought was “Good, this guy deserved it and good for her for fighting back!”  However, as I looked at the comments following it, I realized that my line of thinking; that people should strive to be a strong, capable, prepared citizen, is being replaced with a victim mentality.  I understand that the comments were satirical, but they left a clear message– that doing things to try to avoid rape is pointless because you have no control over someone else’s actions.  The man-hating media encourages this point-of-view, sowing divisiveness and hatred toward all those who try to respond to violent crimes proactively and preventatively.  They intend to equate “decrease the chances of…” with “it’s your fault otherwise”.  I know of very few people who support the proactive philosophy who think rape is the victim’s fault, and those people aren’t taken very seriously by the rest of us.  Unfortunately, a lack of critical thinking (a reoccurring issue it seems), results in a public opinion mirroring that of the leftist ultra-feminists and a backlash against anyone who does not share this victim mentality.

The main fault of this mentality is that they place the only preventative measures in the hands of the assailant, stating that the only way to combat rape is by teaching would-be rapists not to rape (I’m not making that up folks, I’ve heard it many times from even the least irrational self-described feminists).  It’s a fundamentally flawed proposition, and easily dismissed when applied to any other violent crime.   In a robbery, it would be laughable to make the argument that the only way to prevent robbery would be to inform the aggressor on the evils of robbery.  They already know that it’s wrong, they just choose to do it anyway.  Rape is wrong.  Everyone knows that to force yourself on another person is not only against the law, but disgusting and inadmissible.  Those who commit the act and then try to justify it are like people who commit murder and feign insanity.  It’s not that they don’t know it’s wrong, they just won’t admit it because then they’ll go to jail.  There are bad people!  I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s a sad truth of life– some people just don’t care about you.  By saying that the only way to combat rape is to educate people on how it’s wrong is to set out to create morality and conscience where none exist.  It’s a fruitless endeavor that has been tried and tested over and over again throughout history.

I would offer a counter-proposition.  That the only way to combat rape…is to combat rape.  A victim mentality promotes a feeling of helplessness, I would promote the opposite.  Women are smart and resourceful.  What they lack in physical strength they make up for in resolve — this has been proven by the REAL feminist movements in history.  It is never a woman’s fault for getting raped, just as it is never someone’s fault for getting mugged or murdered.  However, doing things that make them an easier target than the person next to them helps a determined assailant to make the decision to go after them.  And so although it is not a woman’s actions that cause her to be raped, it is often the person who is next to her decision’s that cause them not to be.  In this way, although the fault does not lie with the victim, the onus still does.

And so proactively defending against rape should be allowed and encouraged just like it is for a mugging, or a robbery, or any other crime that the victim has no control over.  If the feminist philosophy is truly about equality, then a plan in which women can defend themselves from attackers seems like the obvious choice over one in which they must rely on others to not hurt them.

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

Who even cares about the Constitution?




“It’s too old!”

“It was written by a bunch of old, white slave-owners!”

“They didn’t know what the future would be like!”


It’s the rhetoric of statists near and far.  The document is too well-written for them to attack its integrity, so they attack the integrity of its framers — because we all know, only infallible men do great things…  The idea that our constitution is inadequate and antiquated has been drilled into our heads from a young age by every single left-wing history teacher who we’ve been forced to listen to.  I learned to tune out their ramblings at a young age, because I always preferred doing just a little bit of critical thinking of my own.  However, many of our brothers and sisters in this country would rather live like baby birds and let their educators (to use the term loosely) chew up history and feed it to them as a mangled, unrecognizable mess.  And so our low information crowd has been indoctrinated into the belief that our constitutional republic can survive without obeying the very piece of legislation that brought it into existence.

Cue the Almighty Obama, our savior and moral guide.  He’s the man with the plan, and no person, place, or thing is going to stop him on his quest to create a utopia that our “fundamentally flawed” constitution could never provide.  In SOTU this past week, Obama declared that he will enact as much of his plans as he possibly can, with or without congress.  I can’t say I’m surprised in the least bit, this is nothing new for our Emperor-in-Chief.  However, what has bothered me to the point that I feel it necessary to take up your precious time is the responses this line of thinking has gotten from The People.  It seems that many of the people I’ve come across are okay with it!  They, along with our representatives, believe that it is A-OK for the president to take power not granted to him in the constitution. They say that he has to do something, because our congress is divided and can’t pass legislation regularly enough.  Well I’ve got news for you folks — THAT’S THE POINT!  The constitution devised a federal government with a separation of powers.  I’m sure you learned that in class.  And I’m sure you learned that this separation was created to make sure no one could take too much power.  Well that’s certainly true, but wait, there’s more — the separation of powers is built to ensure that laws can’t be passed willy-nilly, following the whims of the majority.  That’s right, it’s supposed to be difficult for the federal government to make laws!  Imagine that, our framers made a federal government that wasn’t meant to regulate and legislate every. single. minute. detail. of our lives, but instead be used to only legislate on issues specifically enumerated to it by seven articles, guaranteed by the tenth amendment.  Here’s some advice low-informationers– if you want something done so bad, why don’t go to the state or local legislators that you put in office and have them do it?  It would happen a lot quicker and be oh, I don’t know, constitutional?   So go ahead everyone, praise Obama for his blatant attack on the structure of our country.  Just know that our ignorant, racist, wooden-toothed forefathers knew EXACTLY what our country would be like today if we ignored the constitution, and could predict every one of your silly schemes two hundred years before you even existed.

The Virtue of Obamacare


No ObamaCare

How can one guy have reversed basic logic and understanding of how our society works so much that he is not only in a political office, but in the top seat in our political system. Some people look at him as their savior, wake up and realize that someday all of the people pulling the wagon will cut ties and walk away without the wagon and you will be left helpless in the dessert. Again, I know this video mentions Romney and I am not an advocate for him either, but this basic logic cannot be argued it is a simple statement about the reality of why things are bad right now. Not enough strong and fresh people are left to pull the wagon!!

I wish my great grandkids would pick up my personal debts…


Dear President Obama,

You have absolutely no understanding, qualifications or credentials to make economic speculations. However, your voice is heard and repeated thousands of times every time you make a statement. You have raised taxes on millions of people who are hardworking Americans who are having trouble even paying off their predatory mortgages that your golden boy Bill Clinton created through his inept economic policies, which got us into this mess in the first place. Now, you are making statements about your economic predictions, on the effects a 85 billion dollar sequester will have on our economy. To put this in perspective and show how uneducated you truly are on this subject, I will do some quick math for you. (Because we all know you are not very good at that.) Our federal government spends roughly 4 trillion dollars a year and we take in just over 2 trillion a year in revenues. This means we can’t pay for almost 50% of our government. Looking at this sequester in the form of percentages explains how minor of a topic it really is. 85 billion is roughly 2% of our overall federal spending. I could use a bunch of economic jargon to argue against you, but we all know that you wouldn’t understand any of the terms or concepts, so instead I will simplify things for you. To compare this to an American family making $50,000 a year and spending $100,000 a year, this is the equivalent of that family not buying an extra 55 inch LED TV or not putting new 22” rims on their car they cannot afford. This would have almost no impact on their overall standard of living. No one would feel bad for this family because they are spending way beyond their means. This family would quickly go bankrupt and lose everything they own, however, you are running a government. Which happens to have the biggest economy in the world. Therefore, creditors are willing to give you the benefit of the doubt because if they cannot believe in getting their money back from you their entire system would collapse. I ask that you stop using that power to your advantage and to push unsustainable government programs, which will eventually lead to the demise of our nation. Take out your elementary school math notes and try to add and subtract until you are able to a least get a difference of zero, but a positive number would be refreshing. Stop golfing and having beers with celebrities. You are only a President of the United States once in your life. Take the duty seriously and make good of the opportunity. Once your term is over I guarantee that you will be able to golf at any resort in the world with any celebrity you would like, but in the meantime change your focus to saving our nation.


Kid who passed elementary school math

Sorry Boston Bombers and mainstream media, but I am still not scared…


Thanks media and police force for making this the criminal equivalent of the Superbowl. You have been able to successfully milk millions of dollars in overtime and viewers. All to find two men who have become infamous celebrities. Now every sicko in the US is plotting his move towards fame by attempt to one up the last. Congratulations you have done your part in making this world a safer and better place. I will be out exercising my freedoms while I still have them, while you scare the freedom out of the rest of the nation.

United Slaves of America


Tax code is 9,471 pages, we have about 18,000 active state and federal gun control laws, a Florida law requires vending-machine labels to urge the public to file a report if the label is not there, The Federal Railroad Administration insists that all trains must be painted with an “F” at the front, so you can tell which end is which, Bureaucratic busybodies in Maryland, have shut down children’s lemonade stands because the enterprising young children did not have trading licenses and the Fire inspector walks into your apartment at 9 am and tells you that you cannot have curtains covering your closet or American flags hanging from your wall then fines you for your incongruous behavior, but we sure love our freedom in America. Welcome to the United Slaves of America.

How much is my fair share?


Received my pay-stub from my first week of work today, I only worked 3 days in that week.

Fed Withholding: $125.58
Fed MED/EE: $19.44
Fed OASDI/EE: $83.14
NY Withholding: $23.58
NY OASDI/EE: $3.58
Total Taxes Withheld: $255.32

I am living less than what would be considered a middle class lifestyle. I can’t afford to pay for graduate school, take out a mortgage or pay back student loans. However, the government feels it is entitled to $425.53 of my paycheck every week. For $1,700 a month, I could buy a 300,000 dollar house, go on a nice vacation every month, retire 11 years earlier or at least pay for graduate school. Instead, I fund a tyrant bureaucracy that is in debt over it’s own net worth. Wake up America. Stop asking the government for ‘stuff’ and starting working harder for ‘stuff’ then tell the government to f**k off so that you can afford the ‘stuff’ that they wanted to build entitlement programs for. This is not sustainable and it is destroying our country from the inside out.

President Obama, did I pay my “fair share” yet?

Please shut down this tyranny and open up the government?


Okay, so I am just looking for someone to clear me up on this because I don’t really understand it. So I pay taxes; therefore, the government gets to then choose what they will spend that money on and I get to vote in return to try and get a small say. A small portion of that money goes to parks, monuments and other properties which are meant to be set aside for “public use” Then 18% of the government “Shuts Down” and I can no longer visit those parks or monuments I contributed to paying for because????

This is our property and the government is owned by the people so the government can’t be “Shut Down” in my eyes unless people stop following their governing. So if we all own these parks and “public” places then a true “shut down” would mean they are open for doing whatever you choose because the government is no longer governing those places. I say we each just go claim our section of the federal land we paid for, grab the constitution and all the foundational pieces of our government and tell the fed, congress, senate and administration thank you for your services, but the people are going to start fresh now and start a government that understands it’s relationship to it’s citizens. I can honestly say I think if the Federal government met its demise right now we would all be better for it. All important tasks are handled at the state, county and city level anyways. The only thing we need out of the federal government are a body of governors looking out for our foundational principles in control of only interstate commerce and about 1/4th of our military. Everything else should be “shut down” or passed off to governing bodies where the people these laws and decision effect are able to have an impact in their decisions. Give the government back to the people.